Fun & Educational Sites

Fire Administration Kids Page
Well-organized site packed with tips, games and activities to teach children and their families about fire safety.

Join crazy characters Dollar Bill, Interest Ray and Penny to learn about good saving and spending habits and the importance and procedures of savings and banking.

Dr. Saul’s Biology in Motion
How is digesting cheesecake like washing the dishes? Check out Biology in Motion to find the answer to this and many other questions. Games, animations, interactive activities and cartoons make learning biology a richer, more engaging experience for high-school-aged students.

Switcheroo Zoo
Fun, interactive site lets you create your own never-before-seen animals, then write a story about your crazy creations.

How Stuff Works
If you've ever wondered how a cell phone can transmit messages without wires or how a rainbow is made, then this site's for you.

Kids' Space
Find pen pals from around the world in this international meeting place. Kids Space has something for everyone.

Amazing Kids
Dedicated to inspiring excellence in children and celebrating their achievements, at this site you'll join amazing kids from all over the world.

Kids Fun with Music
Students of any age can learn about music in all its varieties, from tribal drumbeats to orchestra instruments.

Get Tech
The high-tech look and feel of this site is geared toward helping kids discover careers in technology.

Get Smarter
Online testing and learning site. Interactive quizzes.

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